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Set Up An Account

Establishing an account for Fieldprint’s DSS SWFT Fingerprinting Program for cleared-companies listed in the Industrial Security Facilities Database to submit electronic fingerprint files to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) for National Industrial Security Program (NISP) applicants to the DSS SWFT program is simple.

Since Fieldprint is already officially authorized under the SWFT/OPM program, account set-up is fast and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Just follow the steps below using the Fieldprint Fingerprinting Program SetUp Wizard:

  • Enter your organization’s general information, including address, phone and fax numbers, and CAGE Code.
  • Enter the primary contact for your organization, including address, contact person, phone and email address.
  • Choose your credit card payment option. Here you will determine whether your organization will pay by credit card for applicants to be fingerprinted or whether the applicants will pay by credit card to be fingerprinted.
  • Provide your organization’s credit card information (if your organization chooses to pay for applicants to be fingerprinted).
  • Read the Service Agreement and electronically sign it.

Your organization will be assigned a Fieldprint Code and access information for, a secure web site that will allow you to view scheduled fingerprint appointments and download electronic fingerprint files for transfer to DSS SWFT.

To sign up, click the link below to enter the SetUp Wizard.

Sign Up

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